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Helmets with every vehicle.

Zapp RideShare is the only company that provides helmets in waterproof bags on all of their kick scooters, e-bikes, and mopeds. 

Pin hole surveillance cameras.

Zapp RideShare is the only company that has surveillance cameras built in to all its vehicles for safety, theft, and to monitor their surroundings. Zapp shares this information with local authorities upon request.

Full-time safety/road crew.

Zapp has well-trained road / safety crews day and night to service all vehicles. Our crew knows their maintenance status in real time from their connected tablets. Our motto is, "If you wouldn't let your mother ride it next, take it off the road and fix it immediately."

We don't block.

Unlike competitors, Zapp's technology has users return vehicles to one of many convenient, designated locations. Locations are clearly marked in the Zapp app using colored overlays.

Kick Scooter LED safety lights.

Zapp kick scooters have LED headlights, taillights, and green LED running lights for maximum visibility day and night.

E-Bike LED Flag Pole.

Zapp E-bikes have LED headlights, taillights, and six-foot green LED flagpoles for maximum visibility day and night.

Our Kick Scooters Have Blinkers.

 Zapp RideShare is the only company that provides left and right turn signals on our kick scooters.


Zapp uses custom wheel mounts, bicycle racks, and floor decals keeping vehicles upright, organized, and looking great.