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First 5 Minutes Always FREE!

Your first 5 minuets of your Zapp ride on every Zapp vehicle are always free because when you’re a student, every penny counts.

(Limited to every 60 minutes for fair distribution)

ONLY 5¢ when parked and waiting.

Other companies charge you 15¢ per-minute when you park to go into a store, restaurant, etc. At Zapp we only charge 5¢ per minute while you are parked and waiting, so you can take your time and enjoy your coffee without being rushed. Relax and know your Zapp will be waiting for you.

ONLY 15¢ per-minute when riding.

After the first 5 minutes FREE, Zapp only charges 15 cents per-minute while you are riding, so you can get to and from school and work, and have fun without worrying about money.

Time Packages.

Zapp offers several convenient and affordable time packages to save you even more money. Rent by the hour,  3 hours, 6, 12, and 24 hours for maximum savings. Using Zapp Swap you can swap back and forth between any Zapp vehicle at any time.