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1. How do I start using Zapp?


To start using Zapp you need to:

  1. Download the Zapp app for androidios

  2. Register your account or log in if you have one

  3. Watch our safety video in full


2. I’ve never ridden a scooter or Zapp electric cycle before. Can I use Zapp?

If you’ve never ridden a scooter or Zapp electric cycle, do not ride Zapp electric cycles. Please visit to learn about our classes.


3. How does the bonus program work?

You can earn bonus time for renting Zapp electric cycles from Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off locations with dollar signs. You will also get bonus time for returning Zapp electric cycles at Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off locations with dollar signs. Look for the dollar signs in the Zapp app. You can get 2 bonuses during one ride. Bonus time is applied to your next rental. It is not applied to your current ride.



1. How can I rent an electric cycle?

To rent an electric cycle, open your Zapp app to see electric cycles available for rent near you, and choose the one in your area by number. If you are not logged in, please register for your account. Choose the way you want to pay for the ride: by the minute or buy more time to pay less. Top up your account if your balance is low. Check every box to agree to the terms, and than you are ready to Zapp’n’go.


2. What should I do before I ride?

Get your helmet from the cargo box and fasten the clasp so it’s tight around your chin. You must always wear eyeglasses, goggles, or a pair of shades while riding. Adjust your left and right mirrors before riding.


3. How do I turn on my Zapp electric cycle?

Use your app to unlock your Zapp electric cycle. Press the "start/stop" button below the handlebars to the right, to turn on your Zapp electric cycle. Once it lights up blue, you are ready to go. You will not hear any sound, but don’t worry, it’s quiet because it’s green. Check how to turn it on


4. How will I know if the Zapp electric cycle is on?

When the Zapp electric cycle is on you will see the headlights go on and the dashboard will light up.


5. Can I leave my Zapp electric cycle for a moment without returning it?

Yes! You can park your Zapp electric cycle in any legal parking spot, but you still will be charged for the time until you return it to the Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location. Please find a legal area to leave your Zapp electric cycle, or you will be charged a fine plus service fees.



1. I had an accident

If someone has been hurt or injured please call 911 before contacting Zapp RideShare. In cases of emergency call Zapp RideShare 24/7. In accordance with Zapp RideShare’s User Agreement, it is your responsibility to report any incidents immediately.


2. I can’t seem to rent a Zapp electric cycle

Have you completed all the steps of registration (driving license, credit card, etc)? You need to fill in all the required information before your first ride. Moreover, you will be able to rent a Zapp electric cycle only after watching a safety video in full before your first rental. Carefully read and check all the checkboxes that apply to you.


3. My Zapp electric cycle won’t start

To start your Zapp electric cycle you need to unlock it using your app. Then press the START/STOP button to turn on your Zapp electric cycle. The Zapp electric cycle won’t move if the kickstand is down.


4. Helmet is missing from my Zapp electric cycle

Please take another electric cycle. You are not allowed to use the electric cycle without a helmet.

5. An Exterior part of my Zapp electric cycle is broken (e.g. mirror, break handles, etc.).

Please email us at or report this issue using your Zapp app, and rent another Zapp electric cycle.


6. I have a problem returning the Zapp electric cycle.

Potential reasons:

  • Zapp electric cycle is not on designated Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off locations - you need to be in a designated Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location to be able to return your Zapp electric cycle.

  • Problem with GPS signal - Please wait. It may take some time for the GPS signal to adjust and update. Moving your Zapp electric cycle a few feet can help with this problem.

  • Poor internet connection - please check your internet connection.

  • Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location is full - make sure there are available spots for returning your Zapp electric cycle. If there are no free spots, please find another Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location using the app. Please check the Zapp app for free spots on Zapp Pick Up/Drop off locations. Look at the signs on Zapp Pick Up/Drop off location showing maximum capacity. If there are no free spots, find another Zapp Pick Up/Drop off location using the app.

  • I can’t find the "Return the scooter" button in the Zapp app - click on the blue floating button in the bottom right corner of the Zapp app. Then click "Return the scooter".

If you are in the Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location and all the issues above are addressed and you still have a problem returning your Zapp electric cycle, please call Zapp RideShare: 1-855-ZAPP-N-GO


7. I’ve got a flat tire

Please call Zapp RideShare and a road crew member will be of assistance Mon - Thu 9am - 10pm, Fri and Sat 9am - 2am, and Sun 9am - 12am. If it’s after hours, you will be instructed to move your Zapp electric cycle to a safe area close by and leave it. Only leave your Zapp electric cycle after speaking with Zapp RideShare over the phone.

8. Battery in my phone is dead or my app is not working, but I want to return Zapp electric cycle.

Try to log in to your account from another phone.


1. I can’t log in to my account

Have you already registered for the Zapp app? Please check if the credentials you have provided during registration are correct. If all information is correct and you still cannot log in, please email us at and provide your name and phone number. Someone from Zapp RideShare will contact you.