Location Rules

The following are the rules applicable for each Zapp Zone/Location. Please remember that you are obliged to follow rules as written in the user agreement that you agree to when registering for the Zapp RideShare app: User agreement

Columbia, SC - USC

• Please do not cross or ride outside of the following area as shown on the map.

• You are required to wear a helmet while riding in Columbia at all times and we always recommend and encourage you to do so for your own safety. Helmets are provided in the baskets of all Zapp cycles. If a cycle is missing a helmet, please choose another cycle or call 1-855-ZAPP-N-GO and a member of our team will bring you a helmet.

• You are not allowed to take passengers on your Zapp cycle at any time. No exceptions.

• If you do not have experience riding a motorcycle, moped, or scooter please do not ride a Zapp cycle. Please see our training class schedule at www.zapprideshare.com/training/