How to Zapp

1. Download the Zapp app, register, and see available Zapp electric cycles near you. Use the app for finding Pick Up/Drop Off locations, unlocking, and returning Zapp electric cycles.

2. Find a Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location and choose a Zapp electric cycle by number. Choose the way you want to pay for the ride: by the minute or buy more time to pay less.

3. Make sure you have enough money in your account. If not, top up your account with at least $5.

4. Press the blue START/STOP button (only once) to turn on your Zapp electric cycle. The lights and dashboard will light up.

5. Your yellow kickstand must be up in order for your Zapp electric cycle to go. Always be on your Zapp electric cycle before putting your kickstand up.

6. Remember to stay in the zone. Do not leave the designated boundaries. If you do, you will be charged $25 for every 20 minutes outside the zone. It is your responsibility to know boundaries of the zone as seen in the Zapp app.

7. When you park (at a Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location or any legal parking space) be sure to hit the blue START/STOP button to turn off your Zapp electric cycle, so it will not get stolen.

8. Zapp Swap - Please choose a Zapp cycle with the amount of battery suitable for the time of rent you need. However, don’t worry - you can swap your Zapp electric cycle if you need to.

9. To return your Zapp electric cycle, simply click RETURN THE SCOOTER. Remember that you MUST be in a designated Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location to return. If the location you are trying to return to is at MAX capacity, you must return to another one of our many locations. Remember that you are charged until your Zapp is properly returned and you see the rental summary appear in the Zapp app.

Note: Your Zapp app will prompt you if you are not in a Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location or if the Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location is at max capacity.
If you are positive you are in a designated Pick Up/Drop Off location and/or you are not exceeding the max capacity of a Zapp Pick Up/Drop Off location and you still can’t return your Zapp electric cycle, please call Zapp RideShare: 1-855-ZAPP-N-GO