Rent electric cycles

from your smartphone

Download the app to rent our electric cycles

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It's easy

Locate, rent, start and ride Zapp by the minute from the Zapp APP on your smartphone.

Pick up, drop off and park at any of our designated Pick Up/Drop Off locations around cities and college campuses.

It's affordable

It's affordable - Zapp Ride Share is very affordable. As low as 10 cents per minute. The more time you buy, the more free time you earn.

And includes helmet, parking and plenty of electricity.

It's green

Zapp is electric. Our special battery packs are efficient and powerful.

And our road/safety team swaps batteries every day to ensure you always have the power to Zapp'N'Go!

How it works

Zapp is a fun, easy and a clean way to get around town

So download the app, register and rent Zapp electric cycles.

Get some free Zapp Cash

with the bonus program

It's easy to get some free Zapp Cash to be used towards your next ride.

You earn Zapp Cash simply by renting and returning Zapp electric cycles from locations marked in your app with the dollar sign

So take advantage of this program and earn double cash during one ride by renting and returning at locations with $ symbols.
Bonus Zapp Cash is applied to your next rental. It is not applied to your current ride.

Where you can find us

Right now you can enjoy riding Zapp electric cycles in Columbia, South Carolina, and Key West, Florida. Soon you will find our Zapp electric cycles in other cities.

If you would like to see Zapp Ride Share in your city or your college campus please write to us and tell us why your location is perfect for Zapp.

Coming soon: